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     Transgener Resources

I've tried to include some of the websites that I've found particularly useful or informative in this section. If you have suggestions of sites that you consider valuble resouces be sure to drop me an email and I will consider adding them to the list.
Transgender Portal Claire Winter's site. The main focus of this site is on those persons who know little or nothing about the transgender perspective and want to find out more as clearly and efficiently as possible.
Transsexual Roadmap Andrea James has put together the definitive website for transsexual women. This is the first place I point anyone to who is thinking about transitioning. There is an incredible amount of information and advice.
The IPOW The International Post Operative Woman's Association
Stopping the Hate An organization devoted to ending hate crimes and calling attention to injustices in the LGBT Community. Founded by transsexual film actress, author, singer and activist Meghan Chavalier.
URNotAlone One of the longest running TG resource sites online. Since 1995 URNotAlone (URNA) has provided FREE services to the Transgendered Community.
Trans Vamp Kalina Isato's site is choke-full of great tips and advice for begining crossdressers to full time transsexuals
The Crossdresser Great tips for crossdressers from Katie Ann.
Female Voice Instruction
Andrea James Finding Your Female Voice
Kathe Perez Fundemetals of your feminine voice
Melanie Speaks How to Develop a Female Voice.
Tgirl Talk Owned by Grooby Production but open to all
Hung Devils

Vicki Richter's forum - Mostly TS porn related topics with many TS pornstars and admirers

Laura's Playground Open to all who are interested in TG issues.
Hung Angels TS adult entertainers, escorts, admirers and johns
Gender Life Calpernia Addams' forum - great resource for TS women only
My Husband Betty Great forum created by Helen and Betty.


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