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Who is Delia anyway?
I am Delia, hear me roar! I am transsexual woman and started my transition from male to female fairly recently. I have been running adult websites and blogs with my partner Trixie since 2002. Members of my personal adult site have been able to watch me on our 24/7 voyeur cams as I go through my transition. I've also been keeping a blog, vlog and taking lots of pictures and video. I work full time on my sites and related projects. We are a genuinely independent operation and our content 100% homegrown.

What is DeliaTG all about?
I created DeliaTG for a couple of different reasons, the main one being for promotional purposes. I wanted to have a place to link back to "all things Delia". Over the years I seem to have created many profile pages, blogs, etc on a multitude of sites and I wanted to bring them all together. I also wanted to share some of the transgender websites that I have found useful and inspiring over the years, some of which I still frequent today.

What's with all the porn?  
I've been involved in the online pornography business in one way or another since 2002. It's not something that I felt forced into doing because I had no other options, but something I choose to make a career out of long before I began to transition. Part of the intent of my sites is to humanize pornography by sharing my sexuality for profit in ways that are honest, thoughtful, provocative and fun.

I have also included links to some transgender sites that I feel are erotic, interesting, inspiring, and fun. You can help support me as well as other transgender folks by either signing up to one of my sites or click through and sign up to one of the sites that I link to.

If you are not into the whole "porn thing" but would still like to help support me with my transition costs you can make a donation to my boob and ffs fund.


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