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Welcome to my transgender hub!!! So what's all the hub bub?

I created this site as kind bit of a jumping off point not solely for sites that I am personally involved in but also many other transgender sites that I find useful, erotic or interesting. Many of the sites you'll find here are adult in nature but there are also many others that are really informative. I hope to continue to grow this site with more information that will be useful to other transgender individuals and people who would like to learn more about transgender issues.


Here are links to all of my official profile pages and other sites I participate in. Please email me if you happen to see any posers out there pretending to be me so I can have them removed.


Chip In
- I created this page for those who would like to offer financial support for some of the surgeries I am planning on having (hey this transition thing ain't cheap). All donations big or small are a great help :-)
Twitter - follow my micro blogging or "tweeting" throughout the day.
- The first transgender profile that I created online. My latest profile has been there since 2003, but I first started visiting the site back in 1997. Lot's of changes since then.

YouTube - you cam see G rated versions of my trans vlog as well as some promo clips from my websites.


BirchPlace - Buy some videos or check out some free nudie pics.
- My crossdressing adult website with pictures and video going back to 2004
DeliaCD Blog
- My original blog which is now an archive.
DeliaTS - The new adult website featuring content created after I transitioned (coming soon).
DeliaTS Blog - My current blog about the many things that are going on in my life.
Clips4Sale - A selelct few of both my and Trixie's videos are availible at our online store.

Rude - Check out a few free videos & pictures or purchase a few while you're there. I also perform live cam shows on this site every other week.
Tasty Trixie - I do all the photography for my girlfriend Trixie's site.
Trixie and Friends - See all of our latest site updates.
Xpeeps - Where all the porny people are :-)




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